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Mark Cuban admits the Mavericks were trying to lose

We all knew Dallas was trying to lose toward the end of the season, but it’s still good to hear it from the boss.

NBA: Detroit Pistons at Dallas Mavericks Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

In news that will shock zero Dallas Mavericks fans, Mark Cuban admitted Wednesday morning on the Dan Patrick show that the Mavs were, in fact, doing “everything possible” to lose games toward the end of the season.

This isn’t really surprising. When the Dallas Mavericks, who were officially eliminated from playoff contention by the Memphis Grizzlies on March 31, finished the season by losing nine of their final 11 games, everyone knew what was going on, no matter how much Rick Carlisle or the players denied it.

You can check out Cuban’s conversation with Dan Patrick here:

Ironically, in a season finale that had big lottery implications, Dallas beat Memphis, the team that eliminated them, pretty much locking them into the ninth spot. Last night in the NBA Draft Lottery, we saw just how big that final win was, as the Sacramento Kings (one spot ahead of the Mavs in lottery odds) moved from eighth up to third in the drafting order. That pick was actually swapped with the Philadelphia 76ers, but you get the point. That could’ve been Dallas.

No wonder Cuban was supposedly livid after the last game of the season.

There’s no use in dwelling on it now though, as the Mavericks are officially set to draft at No. 9 in the NBA Draft on June 22. Besides, even if the Mavs had lost the final game of the season, they wouldn’t have been guaranteed anything. They would’ve had to rely on a coin flip to put them in Sacramento’s position.

Dallas hopes to get their hands on a player who can contribute both now and later, and a higher draft pick would’ve given them a better shot at that. But this is an extremely deep draft, and perhaps once all the anger passes, fans will start to see that the Mavs are still in a really good position.

Cuban admitted that the Mavericks were tanking in the final weeks of the season, but if Dallas wanted a realistic shot at a higher draft pick, the tanking process should’ve started a lot sooner than late March.