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American Airlines Center voted 3rd best arena in NBA

Who can argue with that?

NBA: Houston Rockets at Dallas Mavericks Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

We’re obviously biased when it comes to the Mavericks. We think everything about the team is great or at the very least worth writing about. That’s why this site exists after all. So we’re more than ecstatic when someone else agrees with us. The folks over at Stadium Journey recently ranked all the arenas in the league and guess what? The American Airlines Center, home of the Mavs, came in third place.

If you’ve been to a game, you know how great the AAC is. The place is buzzing with life, and there’s something for everyone. It’s also the only place where you can get the Dirk Burger. That alone gives it high marks. There’s a reason it sells out for every Mavs home game (wink, wink).

You can read the full review of the AAC here. What they have to say about you, the fans, is maybe the best part because it’s the fans that make the experience great.

The Dallas Mavericks are continually in the top ten of the NBA when it comes to attendance. Fans are engaged, energetic, and at times can make the American Airlines Center one of the loudest arenas in the NBA. Having an owner such as Mark Cuban, who started his journey as a fan and sits on the sidelines cheering on the Mavs and often arguing over a bad referee call, really keeps the fans engaged. Fans show up in their Mavs gear every game, and can often be found in more festive attire during holiday games. They are such a solid and proud fan base that the title of MFFL - Mavs Fan for Life - is not just a saying, but a reality.

To sum it up, the AAC is amazing. It’ll be tough for Mark Cuban to top this place when he builds a new arena for his team once the contract with the AAC ends. But this is Cuban. We know he’ll go all out.