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Dennis Smith, Jr. was easily the best dressed draftee of the 2017 NBA Draft

I won’t hear any arguments to the contrary.

2017 NBA Draft

As with most drafts before it, the 2017 NBA Draft was as much about the eccentric and unique style of the draftees as it was about the intrigue of which teams would select which players. There were some definite oddities (looking at you, Markelle Fultz’s shoes made of basketball material), but in my humble opinion, the best looks of the night were variations on the classics.

And I’m proud to say that no one looked better Thursday night than the Mavs’ very own draft pick, NC State point guard Dennis Smith, Jr. I mean, just look at this:

2017 NBA Draft Photo by Mike Stobe/Getty Images

I’ve always found the decision of suit versus tux interesting for these things, and over the years, I’ve developed a bias in favor of tuxes. This is a formal, but fun, event, and it seems that the players find more ways to make tuxes unique and intricate, while maintaining a classy vibe. Often the more garish and over-the-top (in a bad way) looks tend to come in suit form, for whatever reason.

Dennis wisely went with the tux, but not just any tux. He really stepped up his game and went with the double-breasted tux. Just stunning. I love that he went with a white patterned jacket over the slimcut black slacks. It’s evocative of a Bond-esque smoking jacket, but the pattern gives it a modern edge. Plus the black shawl-style lapels, buttons, pocket square and bowtie tie the whole thing together with the simple black slacks. Extra points for what appears to be an actual bowtie, rather than a clip on.

Even classier were the formal studs and cufflinks on Dennis’s stark white dress shirt, with just a perfect amount of cuff exposed by his jacket sleeves. The little details really set off the Bond vibe perfectly.

Finally, the shoes. I know there are a lot of people (stuffy, boring people) who don’t love the formal slipper and no socks look. Many of you complained about it all the time when Chandler Parsons would rock this look during his many injured stints on the bench.

To you folks, I say get with the times. This is a stylish, modern look that adds just the right amount of fun and flair to tone down what could otherwise have been an overly formal look. And it could have been worse—Dennis went stylish but simple with his footwear, as opposed to the heavy metal-themed slippers Malik Monk tried to pull off.

I seriously don’t have a single negative thing to say about this look. If Dennis plays half as well as he dresses, the Mavs have a bona fide star on their hands.