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Locked On Mavericks - 7/19/17 - Is Nerlens Noel Unhappy?

Nerlens Noel was reportedly ‘very disappointed’ with the current contract negotiations.

Locked On Podcast Network

Today on the Locked On Mavericks podcast Nick Angstadt and Isaac Harris discuss the Nerlens Noel saga, Dennis Smith Jr., the “rumors” about DeMarcus Cousins, and NBA Fathers.

The Nerlens Noel saga continues when the Dallas Morning News reported that Nerlens and his agent are ‘very disappointed’ with where the two parties stand. Does that mean Nerlens is unhappy or is this just another ploy to try and a contract signed?

Many fans are concerned about Dennis Smith Jr.’s landing mechanics—one even emailed Mark Cuban about it, and got a response.

It was mentioned that DeMarcus Cousins shared an agent with Rajon Rondo, but that is untrue. The promoted some fans to draw a connection and insinuate that because of the Rondo fiasco that Cousins’ agent would help the Mavericks out and get Cousins to Dallas.

Then Nick and Isaac continue their conversation on Dennis Smith Sr., Lavar Ball, and NBA Fathers.