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Watch the owner of JJ Barea’s Puerto Rican Team punch a referee during a playoff game

In the offseason, Barea coaches Idios de Mayaguez, and things got heated this month during a playoff loss.

Jorge Ramirez Portela/ENDI

During the offseason most NBA players take vacations, workout, or take scenic bike rides through the mountains—but not J.J. Barea. This summer Barea has been the coach of Indios de Mayaguez, one of the ten teams in Puerto Rico’s Baloncesto Superior Nacional.

Most people would assume that working for Mark Cuban has to be one of the most unique owner situations, but this recent playoff game proved Barea works for at least two eccentric owners.

On July 7th, Indios de Mayaguez was down 2-1 in their Quarter Final Playoff series against Santeros de Aguada, and tensions were running high. Barea had just been called for his second technical foul and was ejected from the game when Carlos Crespo, at that time the owner of the team, bolted from his seat and retaliated.

Because of the incident Crespo has been banned for life from the BSN and is no longer the owner of Idios De Mayaguez. The team lost the game and their next game to be eliminated from the playoffs.

Click here to listen to the entire conversation with Edgar Vargas, Director of Communications for Indios de Mayaguez, on J.J. Barea, Gian Clavell, and this crazy incident on the latest Locked On Mavericks Podcast.