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Nerlens Noel would have accepted $20 million per season from the Mavericks, per report

If Nerlens wanted the max, and the Mavs offered $17 million per season, $20 million could have been a reasonable compromise.

NBA: Memphis Grizzlies at Dallas Mavericks Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

According to a report by Dallas Morning News’ Brad Townsend, Nerlens Noel supposedly would’ve been open to taking less than the max, had the Dallas Mavericks offered the right amount.

Townsend talked to Noel’s mother, Dorcina, who says her son wasn’t even asking for a max contract. In the conversation with Townsend, Dorcina says, “He told me he was asking for about $22 million a year, but Dallas refused to give it to him. He told me, ‘If Dallas gives me $20 million, I'm going to be there because they love me there. I said, 'Yeah, I love it there, too.’” You can read more in Townsend’s full story.

Apparently Noel’s mom was planning on moving to Dallas after her son signed his new deal, but being that he ended up signing the 1-year Qualifying Offer worth $4.1 million, those plans seem to have been put on hold.

Regardless of which side you're on in this case of Noel vs. the Mavs, the fact is, there was poor communication all around here. There was talk that Noel wanted nothing less than the max. There was talk that the Mavs didn't want to pay more than $17 million per year (a very generous, fair offer, given the circumstances, in my opinion). But the whole point of contract negotiations is, you know, to negotiate!

If Noel was truly willing to accept a contract that paid him an average of $20 million per year, you’ve got to think that both sides really dropped the ball here. Since Noel’s new agent, Rich Paul, wasn’t part of the original “negotiations,” maybe the two sides can start off on a new foot this season and try to fix what has turned into a really awkward situation.

You never truly know what a player is thinking, but according to ESPN’s Chris Haynes, there are supposedly no hard feelings by Noel, and that by making this decision, it gives both sides a chance to “evaluate a larger body of work” and “assign a proper valuation” for Noel next summer.

For the Mavs sake, let’s all hope this information is correct.