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Mavericks announce their training camp roster

Basketball is coming.

2017 Las Vegas Summer League - Dallas Mavericks v Chicago Bulls Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

The season is almost here. In a month and a half we’ll be watching real live NBA basketball again. Your Dallas Mavericks open up the season at home on October 18 against the Atlanta Hawks. Before that, though, there’s the preseason and training camp. In case you forgot all the players the Mavs added over the summer, here’s their official training camp roster, courtesy of Bobby Karalla from

Training camp rosters can have up to 20 players on them. This will get whittled down by the time the season starts. NBA rosters allow for a minimum of 13 players and usually max out at 17. Now, though, teams can carry as many as 17 players with two being signed to two-way contracts. These players will play in both the G League and the NBA throughout the season. Johnathan Motley is currently the only player signed to a two-way contract with Dallas.

Looking at the roster, there are are 15 players that are definitely going to be on the team when the season begins, including Motley. That leaves one spot up for grabs. At this point, after an impressive run at Summer League in July, Brandon Ashley has to be the front runner for that spot. However, anything can happen once camp begins. Luckily for us it’s right around the corner.