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NBA Board Bets Part 2 (Locked On Mavericks)

Nick and Isaac finish their bets on the NBA Season

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NBA: Memphis Grizzlies at Dallas Mavericks Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

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On today’s episode Isaac and I make the rest of our Board Bets for the NBA Season. Over the next few episodes we will make more NBA bets and bets solely on the Mavericks.

Throughout the year we will monitor these bets and at the end of the season the host who loses the most bets will do a Board Bets Payoff—so we need suggestions!

Ex: For a whole week of shows Isaac has to answer Nick’s, “Whatcha got for me, Isaac?” opening question by singing a chorus of a Taylor Swift song.

Send Isaac and I your suggestions for the end of year and our monthly Mavericks Win/Loss Bet Payoffs as well!

Nick: @NickVanExit

Isaac: @IsaacHarrisNBA

Here are today’s bets!

Locked On Mavs NBA Board Bets

Bet Nick Isaac
Bet Nick Isaac
Lonzo Ball, Ben Simmons, DSJ will finish Top 3 in ROY YES No
Carmelo Anthony will finish the season on the Knicks YES No
There will be a new MVP: Not Lebron, KD, Steph, Russ, etc. YES No
All 4 Warriors will be All-Stars NO Yes
Boogie finishes season in New Orleans YES No
An All-Star is traded at the deadline (last two years) No Yes
Dwyane Wade will be on the Cavaliers Yes No
If Gasol, Conley, Parsons avoid major injury MEM makes Playoffs (70 games) Yes No
Dirk averages more points and rebounds than JaMychal Green No Yes
Wolves will have more wins than Spurs No Yes
Gary Harris scores more PPG than Rodney Hood? No Yes
Better Record: HOU or OKC HOU OKC

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(We just can’t let the Warriors win more things…)