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Fan buys Dirk’s lunch as thanks for taking discounts


Earlier today, the Mavs held open practice at the AAC, allowing fans to get a sneak peak at their team before the season starts, and one fan in particular showed his love for Dirk in the most perfect way.

Throughout his career, Dirk has not only stayed fiercely loyal to Dallas but he’s left a lot of money on the table to do so. In 2014, he wanted to give the Mavs’ front office room to put more talent around him, so he took a $25 million pay cut on his next contract. You might say, “So what? He’s already rich,” but that’s a full year’s wages to a max player like Dirk not to mention that, for anyone else, $25 million would be a life changing sum. After gifting the Mavs that sweetheart deal he famously told Chandler Parsons that every meal they shared on the road was on him, because “it’s my money anyway.”

Now one Mavs fan is stepping up to take the check as well, and I commend him for it. No matter how much we celebrate him, we will never fully grasp the myriad ways that Dirk Nowitzki has made Mavericks basketball better. Not only is he a generational talent who makes everyone on the floor better, but he is willing to give up millions of dollars to put more quality players in Mavs uniforms.

After all these years, we could never make it up to him, but the least we can do is #BuyDirkLunch.