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Four things from the Mavs’ 107-93 loss to the Blazers

That was ... something?

Portland Trail Blazers v Dallas Mavericks Photo by Glenn James/NBAE via Getty Images

Your Dallas Mavericks looked pretty decent in the first quarter. Then the rest of the game happened. Much like the City Edition uniforms, it was not pretty. But let’s talk about it anyway.

The uniforms were boring, as expected

For something marketed as the epitome of the “flashy” night skyline of downtown Dallas, these uniforms look remarkably dull on television. I’ve been pretty vocal in not being impressed with these—they look like an uninspired 2k create-a-team jersey design. But I was ready to be proven wrong if they looked good on the court.

They did not. Watching on TV, they just looked like generic black uniforms with some slight neon accents. You can really only see the names on the back and sort of the outline around the wordmark and numbers. The blue really should have been a more neon shade if they wanted it to pop on screen.

I know this is game coverage, but tonight was the debut of these things, and I came away feeling a huge amount of “meh.”

The No Good, Very Bad Second Quarter

Now, when it comes to the actual basketball played, things got ... let’s say “rough,” in the second quarter. Dallas entered the quarter with a 25-15 lead. They went into the locker room at the half down 52-44. That’s an 18 point swing, if you’re wondering. The Blazers ended the quarter on a 23-8 run. It wasn’t just that the Mavs’ shots stopped falling, though yeah, they did. It was also that the defense completely fell apart. The Blazers—especially Ed Davis—got a ton of 2nd chance points, and spent the back half of the quarter wracking up free throws.

Seriously, Portland scored 15 points in the first and 37 in the second. That just can’t happen. You know what else didn’t help? Dallas didn’t get any free throws until a little over a minute left in the half. How does that even happen?

The quarter wasn’t a completely loss, though. At least this happened:

Dennis is as exciting as ever

Speaking of the rookie, he was one of the bright spots in this game. He single-handedly got the team back into the game in the third, before things fell apart again. There was a stretch early in the quarter, where he had an interception that led to a fastbreak layup, then an assist to Maxi Kleber, followed by an incredible cross-court assist to Harrison Barnes for a corner three. He topped all that off with a pull-up jumper in transition for three, that swished nothing but net. That narrowed the lead to four.

He finished the game with 18 points, 7 assists, 4 rebounds, and 2 steals. He shot FIFTY-SEVEN PERCENT from three and had just one turnover.

What fourth quarter?

You know how bad the second quarter was? Well... the fourth was worse. In the first half, I was feeling pretty good about the Mavs’ odds, primarily because Damian Lillard didn’t score at all for the first 20 minutes of the game. Unfortunately, Dame woke up in the second half, and he finished the night with 29 points. In the fourth, the Blazers hit so many threes, and Dallas just sort of gradually came apart at the seams. There was a seven-minute stretch where the Mavs just didn’t score at all.

It was never close. As much as it felt there might be room for a comeback in the third, the fourth was bleak.

Outside of Dennis and Harrison Barnes (who shot 40 percent and scored 21), everything was bad. This was one of Dirk’s worst games of the season. He shot 18 percent. Yeah. The entire team only shot 39 percent.

The Mavs will move on from this game, though unfortunately not from these uniforms. Better luck next time?