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David Blatt: “there was no player in the draft that was more NBA ready than Luka Doncic”

The former Cavs coach and current Euroleague coach has high praise for the Mavericks rookie

Adidas Eurocamp - Day Three Photo by Roberto Serra/Iguana Press/Getty Images for Adidas

Evaluating Luka Doncic has been a challenge for many evaluators. Especially those that aren’t familiar with with both international basketball and basketball in the USA. That’s what makes David Blatt so specifically qualified to comment on this subject.

He has been a head coach—with varying degrees of effectiveness—at the highest level on both sides of the world. Blatt has played and coached for decades overseas for several different clubs, most recently he became the head coach for Olympiacos of the Euroleague and the Greek Basket League. Then of course Blatt was the coach of the Cleveland Cavaliers for 123 games between 2014—2016 and went to the NBA Finals in 2015.

So when Blatt recently spoke to about a player he’s coached against going to a league that he has coached in, we should probably listen.

“My opinion, the biggest miss in the NBA draft. He was the number one pick no question, in my mind. But ok, that’s my orientation knowing both leagues and understanding that teams in many cases draft for position or draft for potential. But in terms of readiness, NBA readiness, there was no player in the draft that was more NBA ready than Luka Doncic— unquestioned, hands down. Now to say that a team has to draft that guy for those reasons—they don’t—you can draft whoever you want for whatever reason you want. But Luka is a unique talent and he’s going to have a great NBA career in my opinion.”

The NBA season just can’t get here fast enough. Luka Doncic took the court for the first time on Saturday in Dallas against the Beijing Ducks and was amazing. The preseason continues on October 4.