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10 things the Mavericks did to get ready for the season

Now that it’s (finally) over, let’s look back and see what the Mavericks did over the summer

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The NBA season is back with the full force of a Kostas Antetokounmpo dunk. By all accounts the Mavericks had a blast this summer, but now that the offseason is over let’s look back at 10 things that the Mavs did to get ready for the season.

Welcomed the future

Luka Doncic finally made it to Dallas and learned that being an NBA player has some pretty awesome perks. From this sick new gold plated custom phone case and a Framed copy of NBA 2k19 and his jersey to hanging out with some NBA legends, Luka looks like he had a great summer.

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Workout SZN

Remember when everyone had a Furby? They had to learn English and some of them got really creepy and almost demonic? Now everyone has a workout video.

And if they didn’t have a workout video then there was some sort of documentation that they were working out.

Here’s one for almost every Maverick: Maxi, DeAndre, Harrison, Kostas, Wes, Brunson, Dirk, Dwight, Salah, Broekhoff, Dorian, J.J.

But none of them were better than this epic shot of Dirk Nowitzki absolutely slaying in his workout.

Playing overseas

Several Mavericks played for their country this summer in various tournaments. Maxi Kleber played for Germany in the VTG Supercup. Here’s Maxi swatting this shot attempt from Clippers big man Boban Marjonovic.

Both J.J. Barea (for Puerto Rico) and Salah Mejri (for Tunisia) played for their countries as part of the FIBA World Cup qualifiers. Here’s Salah Mejri chasing down this layup attempt and crushing it.

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Where we dropping?

Fortnite is consuming the lives of any no-skin it can get its hands on. Mark Cuban had an unidentified 14-year old slide into his DMs to ask Cuban if he’d fork over some cash so the kid could buy a skin.

Dennis Smith Jr. and Luka’s Fortnite relationship has already been widely publicized but DSJ didn’t get his first win until recently.

Here’s Luka, Dennis, and Kostas playing with a streamer named Tony Plays.

Serving and swerving

Dwight Powell, Devin Harris, and more joined Dirk in his Annual Pro-Celebrity Tennis Event for the Dirk Nowtizki Foundation. There’s not much more the Big German can do to steal our hearts, but signing this girl’s cast may just do it.

The Mavericks also had their Hackberry Creek Charity Classic golf event where Dennis took the wheel of the golf cart and made some bold claims.

Also, in what appeared to be another team sanctioned event, a couple of the Mavs went to the Dallas Zoo together.

(Still not sure what the joke is here)

Mavs rookies

The Mavs rookies have been hanging out this summer as well. Ray Spalding and Kostas got pedicures together.

And Luka, Kostas, and Jalen Brunson (plus a few more Mavs) had dinner as a team.

How ‘bout them Cowboys

DeAndre Jordan is a unabashed Cowboys fan but some of the other Mavs have been joining him at games in Jerry’s World.

Luka even seems to be becoming a fan himself.

Bad and Bougie and in my feelings

On Media Day, Luka, Dennis, and Dorian Finney-Smith were on the Ben & Skin show and Skin asked if anyone was going to the Drake and Migos concert at the AAC. Luka perked up and said he didn’t know about the concert but he wanted to go. Well, he went, and so did a few more Mavs.


Last season we learned about Dennis Smith Jr.’s love of paintball and this summer he got to put those skills to the test when most of the Mavs went and played together.

Also, according to Harrison Barnes, they had an age limit.

Mavs Day on NBA TV

NBA TV had a whole day dedicated to the Mavericks this summer and our own Brice Paterik wrote about it. It was a fun look back on some of the best Mavs teams.