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Dirk Nowitzki on track to play in November

Tall Baller from the G is getting healed up

NBA: Dallas Mavericks at Utah Jazz Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

Rick Carlisle gave an update on how Dirk Nowitzki’s rehab is going and gave a more definitive timeline for his return.

“We’re getting closer,” Carlisle said. “I think a couple weeks ago that I’d be thrilled if he played in the month of November, but if things keep going the way they’re going that could happen.”

Nowitzki is 40 years old and rehabbing takes time. After Dirk decided to get surgery to remove the bone spurs in his left ankle last April he missed the remainder of the season in anticipation of being back by the start of this season.

“Steady progress, no setbacks; he went through (a full practice) last weekend but really not a contact practice,” Carlisle told the media. “We did do some running and moving and he did all that stuff and he’s been in multiple live scrimmages; he’s making a steady climb.”

From Carlisle’s comments it didn’t sound like this week was a reasonable time to expect Nowitzki to make his season debut. Next Tuesday in Houston or next Friday in Los Angeles appears most likely at the moment.