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Dorian Finney-Smith deserves an apology

And one of our staffers is here to humbly beg his forgiveness.

NBA: Dallas Mavericks at Memphis Grizzlies Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

I’ll be brief, but I need to get something off my chest.

You see, I’m usually not quick to judge. I know it takes time to truly know someone. I know you should never write someone off. People adapt and evolve over time, and you should always give them a decent chance before you make sweeping assumptions.

I must confess I didn’t practice these principles, and I need to apologize to Dorian Finney-Smith.

I have been a vocal member of the “Finney-Smith is only on the team because he’s best friends with Dennis Smith Jr.” club. But now I see that I made a foolish judgment, and I wish I could take it back.

Who cares that you and Dennis both bonded over Call of Duty or that you both share the bond of the same last name. An extremely common last name, but a bond nonetheless. Of course you guys would naturally draw to each other, being the rare under-25 player on the Mavericks with the whole city of Dallas at your fingertips.

I’m taking ownership of my imprudent thoughts, but in my defense, I was not the only one...

If I’m being honest, I never really gave you a chance. You went undrafted and had an intriguing rookie season on a really bad Mavericks team. It was enough to keep me interested, but not enough to get me invested. After that season all I could hold on to though were the memories of horrible summer league games and an injury-plagued second season become truth in my mind. I kept getting hung up on the two seasons of shooting sub-30 percent from three which made me question your true value of a 3&D wing.

So I think it’s time to say sorry and admit I was wrong. It’s time to confess I closed the book on you too early, Dorian. And now, I’m excited for what’s to come, whether you’ll forgive me or not. Even in the middle of your recent shooting slump, I’m not giving up. I’ve learned to not turn the page too soon.

I realize we’re approaching a crossroads in our relationship with your impending free agency and all, but I hope this rough patch has only made us stronger. It’s fun to watch you play. Even when the shot isn’t falling, your relentless effort on the glass and your hounding of opponents on defense is what winning basketball is all about.

I’m sorry, Dorian. I hope you’ll accept my apology.