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Should the Mavericks be getting Luka Doncic even more involved? (Video Breakdown)

Some narratives out there are implying the Mavericks are freezing out Luka Doncic from the offense.

Beijing Ducks v Dallas Mavericks Photo by Richard Rodriguez/Getty Images

Over the course of their 6 game losing streak (snapped by the victory over the Wizards!) the sentiment that the Mavericks are not including Luka Doncic as much as they should in the offense has been swirling around everywhere.

There’s been a lot of talk about touches and motivation surrounding the Mavericks - especially after a their 12 point loss to the Porzingis-less Knicks on November 2nd. The big word everyone is throwing around is “Freeze-Out” It’s been on conversation on twitter, blogs, and podcasts everywhere.

That narrative culminated in one of the first viral moments of the Mavs season when DeAndre Jordan stole a rebound from Luka Doncic when no one else was even in the area to contest.

Let’s break down that moment and see if there’s any validity to the idea that the Mavs actually freeze Luka Doncic out of the offense.

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