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Roundtable: Most anticipated game

Which game are you most looking forward to?

NBA: Dallas Mavericks at Los Angeles Lakers Richard Mackson-USA TODAY Sports

The Mavericks are 10-10 after the first quarter of the season. We’ve already discussed our favorite moments so far and now we’re looking ahead some.

Which game in the next quarter of the season are you most looking forward to?

Kirk: Considering I asked this question, it’s absolutely cheating that I have picked four games. From December 10th to the 16th, the Mavericks play the Orlando Magic, Atlanta Hawks, Phoenix Suns, and the Sacramento Kings. If the Dallas Mavericks are really a playoff team, I think running the table in that stretch is required. Every team blows games, it happens, but considering the teams Dallas has beaten already (Celtics, Houston, Warriors, to name a few) the losses to the Hawks, Suns, and Knicks really sting. Dallas can’t afford to repeat those mistakes and need to pad their win totals.

John: New Orleans comes to Dallas the day after Christmas. I can’t wait to see AD, but I also want to begin dreaming about him joining Luka and Maxi to create the core of the next championship Mavericks team.

Jordan: It’s weird that near the end of each of the first two quarters of the season the Mavs face the Lakers. Early January they’ll host them for the only time this season (and the last time they’ll play in the regular season). There should be a fun energy in the American Airlines Center... selfishly I’m looking a little further, to January 21st when they visit the Bucks, being that’s one of the few times I can see them in person.

Sam: I’m looking forward to the Kings versus Mavericks on December 16. The Kings started hot and have cooled off as of late, but they are still a lot of fun! Buddy Hield is quietly having an outstanding season. De’Aaron Fox has taken the leap in his second season. But ultimately, I can’t wait for the Kings to get a fist-hand look at Luka Doncic. The Kings had Doncic in their laps, but they chose Marvin Bagley instead. Hopefully Doncic’s play fills them with regret.

Nick: On December 12th and 13th the Mavericks play back-to-back games against the Hawks and Suns respectively. Yes, they’re both terrible teams but they’ve also both beaten the Mavericks already this season. I’d really like to see a few Mavericks take these match-ups personally and stick it to these floundering squads. Also, it doesn’t hurt that this is the target area for a potential Dirk Nowitzki return for his 21st season.

Brice: Saturday December 8th the Rockets come to town and I’m so excited to see how this team stacks up against a healthy rockets team. It might end up totally backfiring but I want to see how good this team actually is. They’re on a strong run as of late but their wins have come against top teams that haven’t been completely healthy. If this team is as good as the extremely optimistic portion of the fan base believes they are they will repeat their last performance against Houston and prove themselves a realistic playoff contender. I’m tired of trying to figure out if this team is actually good or just hitting good teams at the right time and I think that will be a good barometer of where this team stands. Maybe Dirk will make his debut then and the AAC will be lit as a highland park house during the holidays.