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Dennis Smith Jr.’s last second shot against the Pelicans and Luka Doncic the decoy (Video Breakdown)

After Dennis Smith Jr. didn’t get a shot off in time on a last second attempt against the Pelicans opinions were split as to whether or not Luka Doncic was a decoy. Let’s breakdown that final play.

NBA: Preseason-Charlotte Hornets at Dallas Mavericks Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

When Dennis Smith Jr. didn’t get a shot off in time for a last second attempt you could tell he was heated, Luka was furious, and of course MFFLs had all kinds of feelings after the Mavericks 7th loss in 8 games falling to an NBA worst 2-15 on the road.

After everything that Luka Doncic has done over the last few months, all of the clutch shots, plays that I’ve broken down on this very channel, including this insane shot with 0.6 seconds left against the Trail Blazers that he had hit just under a week ago; how did Luka not even sniff a chance to make something happen on this play?

After the game, ESPN’s Tim Macmahon reports that Luka Doncic was intended to be a decoy.

And former Wizards video coordinator Bryan Oringher agrees with the report that Luka was being used as a decoy.

However Mavs radio play by play announcer Chuck Cooperstein and writer Bobby Karalla claim that he wasn’t a decoy and that the way Jrue Holiday was guarding Luka caused the Mavs to change the play. But neither of those claims are specifically sourced, other than them being Mavericks employees.

So what happened? Was Luka Doncic a decoy and the play ran as designed? Or did Rick Carlisle or Dennis Smith Jr. call an audible? Let’s breakdown this last second shot against the Pelicans.

Whatever was drawn up, this loss isn’t full on Dennis, the Mavs gave up this game in a variety of ways. They gave up 20 offensive rebounds, missed 10 free throws, and Anthony Davis had his way with the Mavs defense scoring a season-high 48 points. It’s just another opportunity for growth for a young backcourt.

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