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Dennis Smith Jr. receives the blessing of the BasedGod


Los Angeles Lakers v Dallas Mavericks Photo by Ron Jenkins/Getty Images

The cult of personality that the NBA espouses extends beyond its players, coaches, and owners. As the league grows in popularity and intertwines itself with popular and mainstream culture, outside forces have a greater influence on it. One of those forces, who has had a profound impact on the league in recent years, is rapper Lil B.

Lil B notoriously feuded with Kevin Durant before he joined the Golden State Warriors, placing the BasedGod’s Curse on Durant. He also levied the curse on Houston Rockets’ star James Harden. The results were devastating. Thankfully for their careers, Lil B eventually lifted the curse.

So, with Lil B’s powers so apparent, players earning his blessing are all the more important. The latest player to earn his praise is Dennis Smith Jr.

As you know by now, Smith is participating in the Rising Stars Challenge and dunk contest during All-Star weekend. The odds of him doing well only improve now that he has the approval of Lil B. You can just crown Smith dunk champion now. The other participants don’t stand a chance.

Oh, and it appears that the BasedGod is also a fan of the Mavericks.

Start planning next year’s championship parade through downtown Dallas now.