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Nerlens Noel is cold as balls

Kevin Hart welcomes Nerlens Noel on his new show “Cold As Balls.”

Famous Person Kevin Hart has a new YouTube show appropriately titled “Cold As Balls,” in which he interviews athletes and slowly but surely sinks his way into the icy depths of a cold tub. So far, he has interviewed Blake Griffin, Draymond Green, Candace Parker, and non-athlete Lavar Ball.

On his latest episode, Hart welcomes Nerlens Noel into the tub and questions him about his time in Philadelphia, how he likes Dallas, and who he thinks is the biggest a--hole in the NBA. And he actually answers that last one.

Hart’s first question might be the most interesting. He asks Noel what he expected from Mark Cuban when he first came to Dallas. Noel responded by saying, “I’m expecting to get a lot ga...” but he was cut off in a strange edit/interruption.

Never lacking in confidence, Noel agreed with Hart that he was one of the legends to come out of the University of Kentucky and that he was an alpha dog. Hart might have been as surprised as anyone.

Photo via LOLnetwork

Hart continues with his schtick about being cold in a cold tub and ironically lashing out at the production staff around him charged with dumping more ice in the tub if he cannot correctly answer questions about his guest.

Then he asks Noel about the biggest a--hole he has ever played against.

Hart: Who’s the biggest a--hole that you’ve played against?
Noel: Biggest a--hole, that I’ve played against…dang.
Hart: Biggest a--hole.
Noel: My god, DeMarcus, he’s a…
Hart: DeMarcus?!
Noel: He’s my homie but he’s an a--hole.
Hart: He wears very tight jeans.

It’s kind of hilarious that Noel would even answer this question. Assuming they mean DeMarcus Cousins and not 2009 Golden State Warrior DeMarcus Nelson, the long-time rumored future Maverick is not a surprising answer. It’s worth watching the whole thing.

Finally, Hart asks about Dirk Nowitzki and Noel responds fantastically, telling Hart that Dirk is “just as funny as you” and could also sell out an arena.

He’s not wrong. The Mavericks have sold out 667 regular season home games in a row, a streak that began in 2001. It’s the longest active sell-out streak and the longest in NBA history.