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Dallas Mavericks’ Seth Curry to have season-ending surgery

Surgery on his left tibia was announced today.

Dallas Mavericks Media Day Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

Adrian Wojnarowski reported today that Seth Curry is set to have “season-ending surgery” on his left tibia.

Curry is expected to be fully healthy by the the summer, when he becomes an unrestricted free agent. This news is disappointing, but not at all surprising at this point in the season.

The point guard has missed the entire season so far, and the Mavs have been pretty tight-lipped about any progress he was made. He was diagnosed with a stress reaction of the left tibia during training camp, meaning the bone was weakened enough that the risk of fracture was a major concern. In October, the Mavs said he was out indefinitely, but would be reevaluated weekly. Since then, there have been scattered reports that they were still evaluating him, and a definite timetable for return was never given.

Rick Carlisle had given some indication in training camp that the guard could start this season, and it is really unfortunate that he will go the entire season without suiting up for the Mavs.

However, this could be an opportunity in disguise for the Mavs, if you’re a fan of Curry on the team. He’s 28 years old, with only one quality season under his belt. The odds are not good that he is going to get any kind of major deal this summer.

It wouldn’t be a surprise at all if he and the Mavs worked out another deal similar to the one he is currently under: a two-year, $6-million contract with a player option. Curry had hoped to start this season and prove himself in a contract year, and the year couldn’t have gone any worse for him.

There’s also the chance that the Mavs don’t even try to re-sign him. Dennis Smith Jr. is the future at the point guard position, and while Curry is a reliable option at the two, the Mavs also have to make a decision on re-signing Yogi Ferrell this offseason.

Personally, I really enjoyed Seth Curry last season, and I wish we could’ve seen him shine this season. It really sucks to have a potential breakout opportunity in a contract year ruined by an injury like this. Regardless of what happens, we wish him all the best.