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GAME THREAD: NCAA Day 2, Round 1

More games! More Action!

NCAA Basketball: Texas Christian at Texas Brendan Maloney-USA TODAY Sports

WHO: Sixteen NCAA teams!

WHAT: The first round of the NCAA tournament

WHEN: 11:15am (CST) straight on through to the early am hours, Friday

WHERE: Charlotte, Detroit, San Diego, Nashville

HOW: CBS, TNT, TBS, truTV, and online

(Here’s yesterday’s thread as well)

The Story: That was one heck of a first day! While there were a few mid-seed shockers, nearly all the higher seeds won. A pair of top level NBA talents were sent home though as both Trae Young and the Sooners and DeAndre Ayton and the Wildcats were knocked out of the tournament.

Day two has some great potential NBA players, including (in order of game time):

  • Robert Williams, Texas A&M (12:15 PM, EDT)
  • Jacob Evans, Cincinatti (2:00 PM, EDT)
  • Daniel Gafford, Arkansas (3:10 PM, EDT)
  • Mohamed Bamba, Texas (4:30 PM, EDT)
  • Khyri Thomas, Creighton (6:50 PM, EDT)
  • Jaren Jackson, Jr., Michigan State (7:10 PM, EDT)
  • Miles Bridges, Michigan State (7:10 PM, EDT)
  • Michael Porter, Jr., Missouri (9:50 PM, EDT)

Enjoy the day.

NCAA Day 2

#10 Providence #7 Texas A&M 12:15 PM CBS
#15 CS Fullerton #2 Purdue 12:40 PM truTV
#13 Marshall #4 Wichita State 1:30 PM TNT
#15 Georgia State #2 Cincinnati 2:00 PM TBS
#15 Lipscomb #2 North Carolina 2:45 PM CBS
#10 Butler #7 Arkansas 3:10 PM truTV
#12 Murray State #5 West Virginia 4:00 PM TNT
#10 Texas #7 Nevada 4:30 PM TBS
#9 Kansas State #8 Creighton 6:50 PM TNT
#14 Bucknell #3 Michigan State 7:10 PM CBS
#16 Texas Southern #1 Xavier 7:20 PM TBS
#13 Charleston #4 Auburn 7:27 PM truTV
#16 UMBC # 1Virginia 9:20 PM TNT
#11 Syracuse #6 TCU 9:40 PM CBS
#9 Florida State #8 Missouri 9:50 PM TBS
#12 New Mexico State #5 Clemson 9:57 PM truTV