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Mavericks choose 5miles as their official marketplace partner

Dallas is the 21st NBA team to wear a sponsor patch on its jerseys.

Dallas Mavericks

For several weeks now, bright orange branding has appeared on the Dallas Mavericks homecourt in the American Airlines Center. No, the Mavs aren’t undergoing a change in color scheme, the orange is part of the logo for the company 5miles. While their branding has been prominent in the arena, it will now be a central feature on the Mavs’ jerseys as well after the two sides came to a sponsor-patch deal, announced Tuesday afternoon.

Though not as prominent as some of the other companies with sponsor-patch deals with NBA teams—GE, Goodyear, and Harley-Davidson spring to mind—5miles is based in Dallas and is a smartphone app that lets users buy and sell a range of items. If this concept sound familiar, that’s because it’s been replicated numerous times. What separates 5miles (potentially) is that its commerce takes place within a five-mile radius.

The Mavericks are the 21st team to have a sponsor-patch on their jerseys, and they will for several years to come. 5miles and the Mavs reached a three-year agreement, so get used to the orange logo on the left shoulder of every Dallas jersey. Harrison Barnes was apparently also part of the deal. He’s now a spokesman for 5miles.

Oh, and if you download the app (it’s hyperlinked above) you can receive two free tickets to a Mavs game with the code GOMAVS.

You can watch the entire press conference here.