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The Mavs Moneyball Podcast, Episode 2: Covering a tanking team with Doyle Rader

Fellow Mavs Moneyball editor Doyle Rader hops on to talk about what it’s been like to go from covering a winning team to a bad one, how the locker room changes during that transition and pronouncing names.

NBA: Dallas Mavericks at Utah Jazz Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

We’ve made it two consecutive weeks! Welcome to the second episode of The Mavs Moneyball Podcast.

This week we have on fellow editor Doyle Rader as we discuss what it’s been like to cover a tanking team. Rader has been credentialed for the past five seasons and myself the last two but we’ve both been writing and covering the Mavericks for a long time. We talk about how it’s changed to cover a team used to winning that is learning how to get used to losing.

We also dip on off-season plans, some small Nerlens Noel talk and me struggling to pronounce Rader’s name! Exciting stuff.

Here’s the good news — the podcast is now approved on all the major podcasting platforms! You can subscribe and listen on your favorite services below:

You can also listen right here at the embedded player below. Also be sure to keep listing to the Locked on Mavericks podcast throughout the week!