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Dirk Nowitzki is a Twitter genius

Getting buckets is just his day job. Making tweets is his true talent.

NBA: Dallas Mavericks at Minnesota Timberwolves Brad Rempel-USA TODAY Sports

Dirk Nowitzki is preparing for his 21st NBA season after playing 50,573 minutes over the course of his career — third most all time. Father time is undefeated and renders every man mortal, and the Mavericks legend is no exception.

However, while Dirk’s body shows the inevitable signs of age, his mind appears to be getting smarter, quicker and wittier. In interviews and press conferences, he never misses an opportunity to showcase his self-depreciating humor, and online, Dirk lets his Twitter fingers give the Internet insight into just how funny the Tall Baller from the G is.

Here are some of the highlights of Dirk’s Twitter career.

This one hits close to home, Dirk.

He’s never been the most graceful runner...

... but the NFL Combine definitely needs to make this happen next year.

J.J. Barea will think twice before coming after the GOAT.

And Zaza Pachulia chose to re-sign with the Warriors in the offseason after this. Just saying...

That Photoshop, though.

Nice save, Dirk.

But after spending enough effort trying to backpedal out of this one on the court, he decided to keep it simple online.

Just when I thought Dirk’s above the rim days were done...



But it’s clear he’s much more of an in-game dunker anyway...

Dirk can’t even catch a break in a video game.

Age is nothing but a number, my man.

Dirk got his ears lowered, and I’m really not sure how Head and Shoulders didn’t give him an endorsement deal or why Ellen DeGeneres didn’t bring him on her show!

Dirk’s trainer isn’t feeling the Victor Oladipo tribute...

...but that’s okay. Dirk just needs a nice day, a lake trail and a reliable bike during his offseason grind.

Definite keep.

Finally, I imagine Dirk’s trophy shelf has his league MVP trophy, Finals MVP trophy and this potato, front and center.

Much like his NBA game, Dirk’s Twitter game is aging beautifully. While players like Joel Embiid get the spotlight, Dirk might just be reaching must-follow status. And with the Mavericks missing the postseason once again and a little more time on his hands, Nowitzki might bless our timelines through the doldrums of summer.

Never leave us, Dirk.