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NBA Draft 2018: The fake Mavericks traded for an additional first round pick in the SB Nation Blogger Mock

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The “Mavericks” swing for the fences with some great fake trades

Duke v Kansas Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images

As has become custom, each year all of us bloggers get together and conduct a mock draft, each of us representing our respective sites.

Ian Miller, one of our resident draft experts, handled the GM duties for Mavs Moneyball - and boy, did we learn a awwlot about how certain assets are valued. I’ll leave the stories about trades that almost happened to Ian, who plans to write about the experience himself.

The Fake Mavs ended up taking Wendell Carter Jr. with the fifth pick and Miles Bridges with the 11th pick, acquiring that via trade with the Charlotte Hornets. We sent Harrison Barnes and Dorian Finney-Smith to Charlotte in exchange for 11 and Nicolas Batum.

You can read the rationale for the fifth pick here and the rationale for the trade and 11th pick here. The entire mock draft is here.

This was a crazy experience with LOTS of trade discussions! More to come from Ian on that part tomorrow.