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NBA Draft 2018: Twitter reacts to the Mavericks trading for Luka Doncic

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All the best tweets from the Draft from around the internet.

2018 NBA Draft Photo by Mike Stobe/Getty Images

With the third pick in the 2018 NBA Draft, acquired via trade, the Dallas Mavericks selected Luka Doncic. I know you already knew that, I just wanted to type it to remind us all that it really happened.

There were so many celebratory tweets we had trouble limiting it so there are a whole bunch here. From sarcastic Woj dropping the picks to Mavs fans reaction, the tweets were off the chain. Please enjoy our favorites below.

Best tweet of the night please do not @ us.

Shams might have led Woj into the sarcastic pick predicting by tweeting out the first two picks.

Woj’s adjective selection was spot on all night.

Poor Greg. Remember to check on your friends who are Kings fans. Life is tough sometimes.

Luka is going to torment the Rockets for years to come. We hope they’re ready for it.

Rudy Gobert knows what’s up.

We don’t know what’s going on here but we like it.

Thank you Hawks!

Atlanta might not feel as good about this trade when Luka Doncic is running rampant for the next many many years.

Welcome Luka!

We agree with him on this.

Luka has a very good dog. This is an important update!

SB Nation: your number one graphic design destination.

Dennis approves, so we approve.

Oh hey there Tom.

A budding friendship emerges!

I’m buying 30 of these.

This is a darn good tweet.

NBA Jam was awesome.

Our initial reaction was very excited about Luka.

That’s all the tweets from the draft! Not really there were a whole bunch more but it’d be rude to put the entire timeline in one post, so this is it.

Remember all the best tweets come from @mavsmoneyball, so follow us for the best tweets on the internet, and long live Luka.