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Adam Silver expects the full Mavericks sexual harrasment investigation report by end of July

The NBA commissioner told Rachel Nichols the full report should be coming soon.

NBA: Indiana Pacers at Dallas Mavericks Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

It’s been awfully quiet for some time now around the investigation around the Mavericks toxic workplace culture but answers about how extensive the damage was should be coming soon, NBA commissioner Adam Silver told Rachel Nichols in an interview this week.

Just a little over 140 days have passed since the Mavericks initiated an independent investigation into the horrible sexual harassment allegations uncovered by Sports Illustrated in a truly disturbing report dropped back on Feb. 20. Since then, more details have crept out about just how bad the Mavericks office environment was for the last two decades, but not much has been heard on how the investigation is going.

The last we’ve heard regarding this story was back in late May, when Deadspin revealed a story about a former Mavericks staffer who openly watched porn, talked and touched himself inappropriately in the office. Before Silver’s comments in the interview, all we knew about the investigation was that it was being headed up through an independent law firm selected by the Mavericks and that the NBA would monitor the investigation closely.

New Mavericks CEO Cynthia Marshall has been tasked with cleaning up the organization and by all accounts about Marshall both publicly and privately from people we’ve talked to within the team, she’s done a good job giving the organization a culture reset so far. However it’s been eerily quiet about the long investigation and the story has mostly faded to the background.

Considering how serious and gross the allegations are, that really can’t happen. Since the SI story dropped, we’re only aware of two employees that have been let go from the Mavericks — former head of human relations Buddy Pittman and convicted domestic abuser and former writer Earl Sneed. A third hostile employee, Vice President of Ticket Sales George Prokos, is no longer in the same role with the team according to Marshall back in June. Other than those three moves, there hasn’t been any news on additional firings, punishment or responsibility for the toxic behavior, except for those named in the reports back in February.

It’s no surprise that Dallas sports media has been silent on the story for over a month, considering how it reacted to the story in the first place. Hopefully the report by the Mavericks does come in due time, so the victims and others harmed by the 20 years of awful behavior can find some closure and the NBA can focus on any punishments.