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2 things to think about as the dallas Mavericks play the Washington Wizards

It’s the last basketball game we’re likely to see until October

NBA: Summer League-Golden State Warriors at Dallas Mavericks Stephen R. Sylvanie-USA TODAY Sports

It’s a weird sensation to at once want Las Vegas Summer League basketball to be over and to be upset that it’s the last basketball we’ll see until October. Seventy-five to ninety days is a lot of time to only think about Luka Doncic, Dennis Smith Jr, Dirk Nowitzki, Harrison, Barnes, and DeAndre Jordan.

So it’s time to soak up the basketball. Even if it’s bad, bad basketball.

Which of these guys will end up on the Texas Legends?

So we know Jalen Brunson’s going to be a Maverick. Johnathan Motley is signed to a two way deal I believe (please correct me in the comments below) that the Mavericks have to make a decision on at some point. That leaves a lot of pretty good players for Dallas to consider.

The Mavericks own the NBA rights to Ray Spalding and Kostas Antetokounmpo, but neither is close to ready for prime time. Jalen Jones may well end up being the last signed Maverick and his play style is at least generally in line with what the Mavericks need (defense, slashing, and three point shooting) but he just might not be a good enough athlete. Manu Lecomte is fun but Dallas is guard heavy at this point and there are always guards out there on the market. Who should get a chance with the Legends or Mavericks?

Can Jalen Brunson find his shot?

We’ve talked about it before, we’re talking about it again. And with Mitchell Robinson stomping over people like he’s a dinosaur, it only puts a harsher light on Brunson’s struggles. He’s not been bad, he’s been fine. But the guy was National Player of the Year. He could stand to have an awesome game.

How to watch

The game is on ESPNU, which I’ll bet means that it rules out any chance of you watching. But we will try to, and so should you.