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Yogi Ferrell agrees to contract with the Sacramento Kings

After walking back from his agreement with the Mavericks, Ferrell has found a new home on the West Coast.

NBA: Sacramento Kings at Dallas Mavericks Andrew Dieb-USA TODAY Sports

Well, it didn’t take long for Yogi Ferrell to find a new deal. According to Yahoo Sports Shams Charania, Ferrell has come to an agreement on a two-year deal with the Sacramento Kings.

Ferrell’s deal will be worth a total of $6.2 million, a jump from the Mavericks reported offer of $5.3 million. According to Charania when he first broke the story of Ferrell and the Mavs agreement, the Mavs contract offer wasn’t fully guaranteed for the second year, in addition to the annual salary being less than the $2.9 million qualifying offer the Mavericks rescinded before signing DeAndre Jordan.

This makes a ton of sense for Ferrell. It always seemed weird the Mavericks would offer Ferrell a worse deal than his qualifying offer, even if the Mavs had to take it back for cap math purposes. Ferrell had to have known he was worth more than that and he was proven right as the Kings jump on him right away. Now the only question is why did it take Ferrell and his agent agreeing to the Mavericks terms before realizing the raw deal. Either way, Ferrell gets what he wants — more money, more security and a chance at a bigger role as De’Aaron Fox’s backup.

While it’s sad to see Ferrell go, this ultimately makes sense from a team-building standpoint for the Mavericks, who already employ a short backup point guard in J.J. Barea and just drafted one in Jalen Brunson. Dallas will be fine and can now use that roster spot on potentiality getting a bigger guard/wing for the bench. The scuttlebutt is bringing back Devin Harris, but that’s just whispers on Twitter, nothing concrete. That’s not to say Ferrell wasn’t good — he did very well for the Mavericks as a bench guard, playing in some of their better lineups and shooting a combined 38.8 percent from three in his two seasons in Dallas on a healthy number of attempts. He also made the All-Rookie Second Team after the Mavericks scooped him up.

For now, here’s Ferrell’s biggest moment of his short (no pun intended) Mavericks career — his 32 point explosion in Portland, while still on a 10-day contract. It’s still fun to watch, if only to see how jacked up Ferrell gets after his final bucket and the team’s reaction. Good luck getting hoops in Sacramento, Yogi.