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Luka Dogčić

Luka Doncic made an Instagram for his dog and yeah — the off season is hitting us hard too.

2018 NBA Summer League - Las Vegas - Golden State Warriors v Dallas Mavericks Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Here at Mavs Moneyball dot com we strive to bring you the hard hitting journalism other outlets can’t. That is why we tell you today that Luka Doncic made an Instagram for his Pomeranian Hugo and it is absolutely adorable. He also made an Instagram for his other newly adopted dog Rey but that might have to be another post entirely.

We are here to rank the top 10 posts from Hugo’s Instagram, a very serious task, so lets set up some ground rules or this will get silly fast. Judgments will be handed down based on the following criteria:

Effort by Luka, photography skills, scenery, hugo’s enjoyment, and wow factor which means whatever I say it means. Now let’s get down to business.

A post shared by Hugo (@hugosmeker) on

10. Hugo with Jersey

Effort: 4/10 I’m sure it took a little effort to get Hugo into a jersey but still, there’s room to grow.
Photography: 2/10 The red pops but all the other colors blend together
Scenery: 1/10 This is just Luka’s bed. Show some effort.
Enjoyment: 2/10 You can tell Hugo is just staring at Luka waiting til he finally takes of this shirt. Hugo is not a shirt wearer.
Wow: 3/10 I love a dog in a shirt as much as the next person but it’s been done before.
Overall: 12/50 This is early in Hugo’s modeling career so it’s not shocking to see there’s room for a lot of growth.


A post shared by Hugo (@hugosmeker) on

9. The head tilt

Effort: 3/10 There’s a little more effort moving the bed to the couch so it’s progress.
Photography: 5/10 Luka holds the camera at an angle and uses video, which is harder to capture.
Scenery: 3/10 There’s a chair and a couch but this picture is all about Hugo and we respect it.
Enjoyment: 6/10 You can tell Hugo is finding his stride as a model with the head turn here, really love the attitude.
Wow: 4/10 Hugo might have himself a signature move with this post.
Overall: 21/50 He took some big steps, much like Luka will in his first season.

hy, my name is Hugo!☺️

A post shared by Hugo (@hugosmeker) on

8. Hugo visits a horse statue

Effort: 5/10 Look Luka finally took Hugo outside for a nice picture. Good effort
Photography: 5/10 He’s using the rule of thirds and I appreciate that.
Scenery: 6/10 The golden statue is beautiful like the one of Luka Doncic outside the AAC when he’s inducted into the Hall of Fame in 25 years or so.
Enjoyment: 6/10 Going on a walk is always a treat.
Wow: 3/10 It’s nice but nice doesn’t win wow points.
Overall: 25/50 Not too shabby.

good morning ☀️

A post shared by Hugo (@hugosmeker) on

7. Hugo goes to a coffee shop

Effort: 6/10 Getting dogs to behave themselves in public takes serious effort.
Photography: 6/10 The lighting and color balance clicks here.
Scenery: 4/10 If Hugo were taller Luka could include more of the foliage for here it’s just a chair and a table.
Enjoyment: 5/10 but if Hugo got some of that smoothie it’s a 7/10.
Wow: 5/10 for waiting patiently
Overall: 26/50 Hugo is objectively a good boy.

A post shared by Hugo (@hugosmeker) on

6. Hugo takes a snooze

Effort: 7/10 Not waking a pup while this close takes effort
Photography: 7/10 The lighting is exquisite.
Scenery: 5/10 Not great but you have to let sleeping dogs lie.
Enjoyment: 7/10 Taking snoozes is highly enjoyable for all.
Wow: 6/10 Wow look at how cute this sleeping pup is.
Overall: 32/50 Hugo really took his game up a notch here.

Me run run ☀️ #wuuf

A post shared by Hugo (@hugosmeker) on

5. Hugo runs fast

Effort: 7/10 Just to keep up with Hugo and trust him to run without a leash is tough.
Photography: 8/10 Luka is finding his photography style here, very encouraging.
Scenery: 7/10 Look at that lush trail with the dusty trail, such a rustic feel.
Enjoyment: 8/10 Hugo takes cardio day very seriously.
Wow: 7/10 Wow look at how fast that little ball of fur runs.
Overall: 37/50 Hugo’s ceiling might be higher than any scouts previously thought.


A post shared by Hugo (@hugosmeker) on

4. Hugo meets a big green lion

Effort: 7/10 Making new friends is hard especially when they’re big and green and don’t talk so much.
Photography: 8/10 Lining up Hugo perfectly is a brilliant artistic choice on many levels.
Scenery: 9/10 That statue is so regal it inspires Hugo’s regal pose.
Enjoyment: 8/10 The little pup is an extrovert and loves meeting new people.
Wow: 8/10 Wow look at how regal that little dog is.
Overall 40/50 Hugo is in elite company now.

shower time

A post shared by Hugo (@hugosmeker) on

3. Hugo braves the bubbles

Effort: 10/10 Getting Hugo to suffer through the scary suds is highly difficult.
Photography: 11/10 Getting the pic without using his hands is some next level stuff.
Scenery: 9/10 The bubbles are bubbly but could be bubblier.
Enjoyment: 10/10 He may not enjoy it now but Hugo knows the shiny coat does wonders with the ladies.
Wow: 11/10 Wow look at how cute that little dog is in the little sink!!
Overall: 51/50 What a ridiculously good dog Hugo is.

today i met my new friend @reyradoncic

A post shared by Hugo (@hugosmeker) on

2. Hugo gets a brother

Effort: 10/10 Luka adopted a whole other dog just for this adorable video, elite effort.
Photography: 10/10 Doncic now has established a unique photography style in a world full of pretenders. His upside is limitless.
Scenery: 12/10 The scenery is two dogs what more could you want?
Enjoyment: 13/10 Look how happy Hugo is to have a brother!!
Wow: 13/10 Wow look at those two dogs go both very good dogs wow!
Overall: 58/50 We’re into uncharted levels of greatness here.

Big brother

A post shared by Hugo (@hugosmeker) on

  1. Hugo meets a big metal dog

Effort: 12/10 Finding this great dog statue shows excellent effort
Photography: 13/10 This is the greatest photograph I’ve ever seen.
Enjoyment: 14/10 Hugo could not be happier.
Wow: 20/10 Wow this is the greatest thing I’ve ever seen.
Overall: 74/50 This is the greatest photograph of all time.

This concludes the objective ranking of Hugo’s Instagram posts. If this elite level of Instagramming is any indication of Luka Doncic’s potential as an NBA player, and I think it clearly is, Dallas has one of the greatest Dog Instagrammers/basketball players this world has ever seen.