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10 things about this Luka Doncic photo

They say a picture is worth 1000 words. Well, we got 700 out of this one. So many questions.

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On Friday Luka Doncic posted a simple photo with a caption on his Twitter and Instagram stories.

It’s a moment that would normally be skipped over by the chaos and speed of the social media experience. It looks like Luka is just simply enjoying watching his country play the game he loves with his pet dog. But if you look closely there’s (at least) 10 details in this photo that need to be unpacked in this edition of ’10 Things.’

Slam Magazine, how and why?

Luka is the focus of this photo, you can’t see his actual face in the photo but in the initial background there’s a Slam Magazine with Luka on the cover. This is the May 2018 “The Future Issue” edition of the Magazine which also had Ben Simmons and Deandre Ayton on different covers.

The biggest question here is not why Luka has a Slam Magazine with himself featured on the cover displayed in his living room. No, the big question is how is it seemingly floating in the air? Did he tape it to that lamp? Is there some kind of stand that we can’t see behind his foot? Then if so, how does it remain stable on the back of his couch? So many questions…so little answers.

What is he watching?

In the tweet he @’s the KZS twitter account which is the ‘Official profile of Basketball federation of Slovenia’ according to their bio. At first I believed this to be a game from LIGA NOVA KBM. Most of their site is in Slovenian (even when google attempted to translate it) and it was hard to navigate but it appears that their games don’t begin until October 11th.

He was actually watching Slovenia take on Latvia in the World Cup Qualifiers. They lost… but that’s not super important for our purposes.

But why on his phone?!

This is a 19-year-old gamer that has just happened upon millions—if not hundreds of thousands—of dollars. He has to have an Apple TV, Roku, Firestick, or at least a Smart TV, tablet, or laptop that he could watch this game on. Maybe he was just checking in on this game but it looks like he’s really settled in and ready to watch the whole game.

Hugo S. Meker

Hugo is Luka’s dog, but he’s more than that. He’s a celebrity influencer and style icon who probably has more instagram followers than everyone on this site combined.

In this photo Hugo is calmly hanging out with Luka but his gaze seems distracted with the Slam Magazine cover. I assume he’s as confused as we are and is trying to figure out how it’s floating in the air.

The Grass Pad

The entire photo seems to follow one color palate except for this one green patch in the background. This is one of those grass pads that dog owners get for their dogs when they don’t want to take them outside. This one looks like a Doggie Lawn pad.

I tried this with my dog but instead of using it for a potty he tore it up and dug out all the dirt. Looks like Luka and Hugo are having a better time using it than we did.

Who took this photo?

Unless Luka set up another phone or a camera on a timer to take this, the easy answer is his girlfriend(?) Anamaria. Who was seen with Luka and Hugo in an Instagram story 15 hours earlier.

(This is capital J. Journalism kids)

Jordan Brand T-Shirt

According to my esteemed colleague and Locked On Mavs co-host, Isaac Harris, Luka is under contract with Nike for one more year.

After that he’s a brand free agent. Could he stay with Nike and move over to the Jordan brand with Russell Westbrook, Chris Paul, and Kawhi Leonard?

We at least know he likes their shirts.

Um… is he wearing pants?

This one speaks for itself. I’m going to assume there’s some type of pant covering happening.

Blanket Coverage

The question of the pants only occurred because of the positioning of the blanket. Draped over his left leg but only covering his right foot. Maybe he has cold feet. Good thing that Rookie contract is signed.

Where is this in Dallas?

After staring at this photo and recognizing one of the buildings… I think I know where Doncic lives. But I’m not telling you.