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No one can agree on how tall Luka Doncic is right now

Between the NBA, different media outlets, teammates, and even his own team, it seems like everyone thinks something different.

Dallas Mavericks Media Day Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images

Everyone can agree that Luka Doncic is one of the most interesting players coming into this NBA season. What no one can seem to agree on is how tall the Slovenian rookie is at the moment. And since he didn’t participate in the NBA Combine, there’s no definitive source.

If you google ‘Luka Doncic height’ this is what pops up. A non-sourced listing of his height as 6’6.”

The official Euroleague website could have been the source because Doncic is listed as 1.99 meters, which converts to 6.5 feet, which is 6’6.” also has Doncic listed as 6’6” on his profile page.

The Mavs organization even seems to disagree on this subject. On draft night Rick Carlisle seemed to be conflicted about which number was correct and said, “Doncic has terrific size, he’s 6’8...6’7—6’8” whatever it is.”

Just a few moments later Donnie Nelson said—with confidence—that Dončić is “a 6’7” guy that can hit big shots.”

However, the profile on lists Doncic as 6’6” and the official training camp roster that they sent out lists him as 6’7.”

But the Mavs aren’t the only organization with differing values regarding Doncic’s stature. The draft section of has a profile of Doncic that lists him as 6’7” but then the player page on lists him at 6’6.”

In another hilarious disagreement, NBA 2k19 lists Doncic as 6’6” but claims he is 6’7.”

Luka Dončić on NBA 2k19

Three other outlets all think that Doncic stands 6’8” tall: Draft Express (RIP, kind of), Bleacher Report, and Yahoo. They could all be pulling from the same source.

All the way back in July, Dirk appeared on the Dan Patrick Show, and while discussing Luka (among other things) Dirk said, “he’s big enough he’s actually a legit 6’9 listed.”

(Starts at 14:00)

Then again, just a few weeks ago Dirk Nowitzki appeared on the Ben & Skin radio show on 105.3 The Fan and discussed Luka. And while the Big German was rattling off a compliment he said that Luka was a “legit 6’8-6’9.”

After seeing him in practice for a few days J.J. Barea just said, “he’s bigger than I thought he was.”

Harrison Barnes is almost universally listed as being 6’8” and here is Doncic standing around HB during a Media Day photoshoot. They look like they’re the same height.

If you stand at this photo long enough it looks like Luka is both taller and shorter than HB. He could be standing a little closer to the camera or his shoes (Nike Kyrie 4s) could be slightly different than HB’s (Adidas).

Disagreeing on heights is not a new occurrence in the NBA. J.J. Barea is still listed as 6’0” everywhere and he’s not close to that. Kevin Durant is also still listed as 6’9” on some sites and he’s much taller than that.

Eventually Luka’s actual height will be agreed upon but for now it’s pretty funny to see all of these sites with different numbers.