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Luka Doncic and Dennis Smith Jr. are friends and it’s the best

The Mavs young duo are bonding on and off the court already.

One of my biggest takeaways from Mavericks Media Day was the relationship and bond forming between Dennis Smith Jr. and Luka Doncic. During the summer we started to see some groundwork for a great friendship and it all started with a shared appreciation for art.

The always great Tyler Upchurch made this graphic depicting Luka and Dennis as the characters from White Men Can’t Jump which caught Luka’s attention and he liked it so much that he posted it on his instagram.

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Dennis saw it on Luka’s instagram and posted it himself. Now the Mavericks have taken the graphic and made it into a t-shirt that you can buy right now.

Then, on July 2nd, Dennis said he called up Luka when he first made it to Dallas to get some shots up together.

Before Media Day even began, Marc J. Spears published a piece about Dennis and Luka bonding off the court where we learned that DSJ and Luka live in the same building.

“We have a good relationship. We stay in the same apartment complex. We are going to get along really, really well off the court. We are going to get along really well,” Smith said with a laugh.

When Media Day finally came we learned more about their on court relationship. Dennis was asked about how he and Luka were playing together in summer scrimmages and DSJ did not hold back.

“Oh, we been ballin’ out. Dennis responded. “For real though every time we’re on a team we’re the first one to five.”

Later in the day the Mavericks attempted to recreate the Cowboy Hat photo that Dirk Nowitzki, Steve Nash, and Mark Cuban took back in the day. But it was a between the scenes-type shot that showed them actually having fun together.

Finally, the two sat down with Ben and Skin on 105.3 The Fan (along with Dorian Finney-Smith) to discuss the upcoming season.

Dennis was actually the one who coordinated the guest spot at a Dirk’s Tennis charity event earlier in the week. Jeff “Skin” Wade recalls Dennis asking if Luka had been on his show yet and said that Dennis wanted to go on their show with Luka.

They made it happen on Media Day and the three further discussed their summer scrimmages. But what really stood out was their Fortnite matches.

Dennis and Luka have have been busy but they find time to play Fortnite together.

“It’s been real busy so far so right now we throw the headset on and get on the game.” Dennis said. “We ain’t really did too much.”

In the interview Ben Rogers noted Dennis and Dorian’s friendship that formed last season and wondered how the two bonded with Luka so fast. Dennis responded, “Luka’s a cool dude… He’s got a good sense of humor.”

The Mavericks season largely depends on the level of play both Dennis and Luka can get to this season and it’s great to see a bond already forming both on and off the court.