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Devin Harris: “I got more calls about coaching last summer than I did for [an NBA] contract”

Devin Harris made an appearance on the Road Trippin Podcast with Richard Jefferson and Channing Frye to discuss his goal to be an NBA Coach

David Yurman With Monta And Juanika Ellis Hosts A Private In-Store Event Benefiting Susan G. Komen In Dallas, Texas Photo by Peter Larsen/Getty Images for David Yurman

Devin Harris made a guest appearance on the Road Trippin’ podcast a show hosted by former Cavs teammates Richard Jefferson and Channing Frye along with Allie Clifton who is now with Spectrum Sports Net. Harris discussed a number of different topics from beach volleyball to growing up in Wisconsin but the biggest revelation was his determination to get into coaching after his playing career is finished.

Harris has a goal to be an NBA coach when he retires and he already seems to have a lot of offers to get started.

“You gotta start somewhere. I just kind of want to get a feel for it. I’ve had multiple people tell me I’d be a great coach. ‘You communicate well, you relate to the players, I think this would be a good route for you.’ I got more calls about coaching this summer than I did actually about a contract.”

The opportunity seems to be right there for him to start the next chapter of his life in basketball but like many players have said before him ‘once you’re done, you’re done’ as an NBA player.

“Looking at the end, am I really ready for this? From a mental stand point I’m like no, I feel like I can still contribute to the game but it’s not always up to me.”

“My agent told me something so real the other day. He was like, ‘usually the athletes are the last to know it’s over’ Everybody else can see it around you but it doesn’t hit you until it’s right there in your face”

Outside of his interest in coaching the 14 year veteran was chastised for his inability to ‘quit the Mavericks.’

Richard Jefferson: “Holy s*** how many people have had 5 stints with one team?”
Devin: “It’s 4”

He’s right: Devin Harris been acquired in some way by the Mavericks four different times in his career.

  1. June 2004: Traded to the Mavericks on draft night with Christian Laettner and Jerry Stackhouse for Antwan Jamison
  2. July 2013: Signed as a free agent with the Mavericks
  3. July 2014: Re-signed as a free agent with the Mavericks
  4. August 2018: Signed as a free agent with the Mavericks

They also discussed Dirk Nowitzki. Jefferson and co-host Allie Clifton asked Harris to get Dirk to appear on their podcast and Harris said, “Dirk I don’t really feel like is a podcast guy.”

Then of course, Harris was asked if this would be Dirk’s last season. Harris didn’t seem to have a definitive answer: “I think this’ll be the last season, I’m not sure.”

Jefferson, who played with the Mavericks in the season 2014-15 also recalled Dirk’s taste in music and work ethic in a hilarious anecdote: “You put [90s rap] on in the gym and he lights up and starts dancing around. And you’re like ‘there’s this 7-foot German dude just crushing Wu Tang right now.”

Click here to listen to the entire interview