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Kirk Your Enthusiasm Episode 12: Andrew Tobolowsky

A legend returns.

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Dallas Mavericks: Nash and Nowitzki press conference

With the season just underway, I decided to reach out to an old friend, someone long time readers of Mavs Moneyball should be very familiar with: Andrew Tobolowsky or as we all call him, @AndyTobo. I hope to have Andy on a few times this season, since he’s easily one of the most interesting thinkers in all Mavs-land.

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I get Andy’s over reactions from the first game of the season as well as his broader thoughts on where the Mavericks are this season. Then we talk a bit about life after Dirk Nowitzki as a fan as well as what he’s interested in as far as basketball these days.

If you haven’t read Andy, these are some of his best pieces:

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