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NBA Last Two Minute Report acknowledges missed foul on Lakers’ game-tying three

In today’s obvious news.

NBA: Los Angeles Lakers at Dallas Mavericks Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

Folks, there were a lot of reasons the Dallas Mavericks lost to the Lakers last night. Head Coach Rick Carlisle attempted to shoulder much of the blame, and his use (or lack thereof) of timeouts and the poor communication to his team to not foul up three in the last few seconds of the game were certainly not helpful in the final analysis.

But perhaps the most scrutinized moment of the game was on that final Danny Green shot, when Dwight Howard grabbed Seth Curry, who was on his way over to defend against Green’s shot.

NBA Officiating publishes a comprehensive analysis called the “Last Two Minute Report” (“L2M” for short) that scrutinizes officiating in the prior night’s games that were at or within three points anytime in the last two minutes of the game. Often a source of consternation for the losing team, the L2M report for last night’s Mavericks-Lakers matchup confirms what is obvious: that a foul should have been called on Dwight Howard on that final play. The result would have been an illegal screen call, Green’s shot being waived off and Mavs’ ball with just a few seconds left — likely resulting in a Mavericks win.

Seth Curry had thoughts:

Why didn’t Carlisle just challenge the play? The new Coach’s Challenge, instituted this year, does not apply to no-calls and additionally only applies if the challenging team has a time out available. (The Mavericks did not.)

The L2M report also (annoyingly) notes an incorrect no-call on Anthony Davis at around 14 seconds left, which would have put Luka Doncic on the line to potentially seal the game. Yet another way the Mavericks could have won the game in the final seconds. Oh, and for good measure, let’s not forget that Luka was ACTUALLY BLEEDING FROM THE HEAD (no call) and needed three stitches after the game.

Ultimately, there were a lot of reasons Dallas didn’t win this game. But you’d always like to hope that you can’t point to uneven officiating as one of them.