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FanPulse results: Thanksgiving, Mavs, and more

You guys really don’t like green bean casserole.

Los Angeles Clippers v Dallas Mavericks Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

Happy Friday, everyone. I hope you had a good Thanksgiving. And, if you don’t celebrate it, I hope your Thursday was pleasant. Since it’s Friday, it’s time to check in with our FanPulse results, where we look back on the week that was. Week 5 of the NBA saw a great many things like the Dallas Mavericks go on tear. It was fun.

I’ll keep things brief this week. I’m sure many of you aren’t online today and are instead with family or friends and recovering from a food coma. Hopefully those of you who are out shopping are filled with patience and grace.

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This week was a little different. Instead of asking you a general NBA question, the fine folks at SB Nation decided to ask you about Thanksgiving. More specifically, they want to know what traditional dish you want to see removed from the table. The results surprised me.

It looks like y’all don’t like green been casserole. That’s fine. To each their own, after all. I voted for sweet potatoes. Sweet potatoes are fine but kind of underwhelming. I like them in a Thai-style curry a lot, though.

he thing that surprised me most is how many people think mac and cheese needs to go. It’s never been a staple at my Thanksgivings—I don’t think it’s ever been on the table—but there’s no doubting how delicious it is. Thankfully, NBA fans know what’s up. Of all the voting blocs, you wonderful people cast the fewest votes to ban mac and cheese. You know who voted to get rid of it most? NHL fans. I’ve always known there’s something off with hockey fans. Now, I have more proof.

On to the Mavs!

You still really love the Mavericks. That’s great, especially since this Mavs site. Keep reading, please. In Week 5, Dallas rattled off four impressive wins, culminating in a beat down of the Houston Rockets on the road last Sunday. Things don’t get much sweeter than that. As such, confidence in the team remains high.

One hundred percent is pretty good. It’s much better than, say, zero percent. Good thing you aren’t a fan of the Chicago Bulls, right? I have a funny feeling that it’s going to take a massive, dramatic event for the Mavericks to take a dip in fan confidence. Let’s hope that doesn’t happen.

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Have a fun and safe long weekend. Make a leftover sandwich or three.