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FanPulse results: MFFLs’ confidence is growing, plus more in this week’s poll

Y’all are ready to slide into the DMs of the coaches challenge.

NBA: Orlando Magic at Dallas Mavericks Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

We’re back! It’s been an exciting week since we last got together and voted on some fun things. My how time flies when you’re having fun. And if you were watching the Dallas Mavericks at any point, you were probably having fun—or complaining on Twitter. Same difference.

This week, the fine folks at SB Nation asked you, the FanPulse voters, another set of questions. Wait, you aren’t a FanPulse voter yet? That’s crazy talk. SIGN UP now! Join in on the fun. It’s totally anonymous and takes like no time out of your day. We want to hear from you, the fan!

OK, back to the questions. The first one asked whether you like the new coaches challenge that the NBA instituted this year. By now you’ve seen it league-wide and it’s also come into play a few Mavericks games. What a time to be alive. Well, overwhelmingly, you like the coaches challenge. You really like it! It’s the Sally Field of NBA rules. Take a look:

I don’t really have anything insightful to say about the coaches challenge. It seems like a good thing and I’m sure Mark Cuban wishes they would give him an owners challenge. Personally, I like the lights that blink at either end of the scorers table when a challenge is under review. It makes it festive.

Alright, enough with that. On to the Mavericks!

You may have noticed that the personalized team question you were asked was the same one you got last week. No, that’s not a mistake. Trust me. I’ve consulted with the experts after being confused myself. I’ll give you the low down.

Every week, you’ll be asked to vote on how confident you are in the Mavs. Does that present a potential for monotony? Sure. But it also gives us a good look at the pulse of the fans. See what I did there? Right now, y’all are a confident bunch.

Last week, 93 percent of you were confident in Dallas’ direction. It’s risen even higher this week (I don’t have the exact number). This is taking into account the loss to the Lakers, which could have been a win. I’d imagine how close that game was throughout, how the Mavericks should have won it, and how LeBron James afterward called Luka Doncic a “bad motherfucker” did wonders to boost your confidence in the Mavericks. If that’s the case, then good. It should.

I’m not here to spoil your fun. I’ll do that on Twitter. But if this graph hits 100 percent at any point this season, I’m going to be mightily impressed. I don’t remember a time when there was so much confidence and good will shown toward the Mavs, not even in Dirk Nowitzki’s prime. Y’all are really giving your souls over to the team like it was Ursula or something. I’m not going to stop you. Live your truth.

Hey, if you like what you’re seeing here, chime in on the comments. We’ll be doing these polls and posts all season. Want to participate? I thought you’d never ask. Become a registered FanPulse voter by SIGNING UP. Like I mentioned, it’s totally anonymous and takes seconds to do. Oh, and it’s free. Free is always good.

I’ll see you back here next week for more fun polls, charts, and graphs. It’s a Ross Perot 1992 campaign rally theme party and you’re invited!