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“My name is Luka” by Klemen Slakonja is art and you should listen immediately

It’s an off-day and this is funny

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Something incredible came across my social media this morning and in a world with so much stuff that comes our way every day, it takes something truly amazing to make an impact.

Behold, the next great Luka Doncic anthem:

My name is Luka” by Klemen Slakonja is art. And while it’s too soon to say whether it has the staying power of legendary Ringer production Halleluka, I must admit I’ve watched this video 5 times already.

It might be impossible to pick the best part as well. There are so many great lines, including a lot of low key zings of Luka himself. I’m partial to the “Drake” part; the rhymes are really, really funny. The Halleluka call back and all the bobble heads are great too. Oh man and the Dirk part. AH.

According to Wikipedia,

Klemen Slakonja is a Slovenian comedian, actor, television anchor, impersonator and musician. He is employed at the Ljubljana Slovene National Theatre Drama and acting in it is his primary occupation.

He studied at the Academy of Theatre, Radio, Film and Television. Slakonja is known in Slovenia for his comedy sketches often made in the form of music videos as well as for anchoring various TV shows such as the Eurovision song contest in his home country. He has made numerous impersonations of Slovenian musicians, the pope, philosopher Slavoj Žižek, Donald Trump, Angela Merkel, and others.

This was the exact sort of content I needed on a slow day following a rough loss. Thanks to twitter follower Iztok Franko for sharing this with me.