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Kirk Your Enthusiasm Episode 16: Matt Moore of the Action Network returns

We apologize for being wrong back in July

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NBA: Minnesota Timberwolves at Dallas Mavericks Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

Folks, folks, folks, I sincerely apologize for the layoff between podcast episodes. Truth be told, between writing, post-game podcasting, and real life, it becomes exceedingly hard to find guests, hammer out a rundown that’s timely, and produce quality audio content that is worth your time.

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Which brings us all the way back to here. In August, long-time friend of the site Matt Moore (@HPBasketball), writer for the Action Network, was my very first guest. We touched on early win/loss totals, why the Mavericks might struggle, and the league at large.

We were wrong. Matt and I revisit those early predictions, what’s changed, where the Mavericks might end up, the value of such data points like strength of schedule, the value of road wins, and more. We also discuss Luka’s MVP odds, his reasoning for why smart bettors are fading Luka, and what an injury to Giannis would do to the MVP market. Then we pivot into how Porzingis fits to date. Finally, we end on a constant source of debate between us: who Luka more closely resembles in terms of play style... James Harden or LeBron James. Matt nearly convinces me of his position.

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