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FanPulse results: You still love the Mavs, plus more!

I’m surprised you’re surprised.

Dallas Mavericks v Los Angeles Lakers Photo by Andrew D. Bernstein/NBAE via Getty Images

Welcome back! It’s FanPulse Friday here at Mavs Moneyball. I want to start out by thanking the seven of you who are regularly reading this column. You’re the real ones. For everyone else, come join in on the fun!

Every Friday, we look back at the week that was through two different SB Nation fan polls. Want to participate? Sure you do! SIGN UP. It’s free. It’s easy. That’s all I need to say about that.

This week, as we all return to our regular schedule post Thanksgiving (for our States-side readers at least), we’re back to the business of basketball. In our all-NBA poll for Week 6, you were asked what team is the most disappointing this season. Frankly, I have to say that I’m surprised with the results.

By a slim margin, fans thought that the Golden State Warriors are the most disappointing. Really. It’s not like they lost a generational talent in Kevin Durant to free agency. It’s not like Klay Thompson was likely to miss the entire season dating all the way back to when he was injured in the Finals. Look, Golden State was a fringe playoff team at best coming into this season. Now they’re a G League team moonlighting in the NBA. Their fall hasn’t been surprising. But I guess the narrative around them for the past several years made them seem invincible. (Insert joke about TV ratings here.)

As for the Portland Trail Blazers, I assumed they would be better than they are, but again, their win-loss record isn’t a huge surprise. They let all of their wings walk in free agency. Now, they can’t stop anyone. Coincidence?

The San Antonio Spurs’ fall from perpetual playoff grace is the biggest shock, to me at least. They’re as annoyingly consistent as the New England Patriots, except they don’t cheat. I really can’t explain how they have fallen so far. The part of me that remains a fan of the Dallas Mavericks loves to see it, but the part of me that understands basketball looks like a broken clock with all the gears protruding from it.

On to those aforementioned Mavericks!

MFFL’s are still riding high. Of course you are! The loss to the Los Angeles Clippers was tough to swallow, but the “bounce back” was sweet. The Mavs rattled off wins against the Phoenix Suns and Los Angeles Lakers on the road. Really tough to top that. The win in L.A. was especially sweet after the refs missed a call that would have sealed the win for Dallas in the teams’ first meeting this season. Topping off the week, Luka Doncic was named Western Conference Player of the Month. It’s like this kid is good or something.

As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, I don’t see the confidence of the fans (you) dipping anytime soon. You know what Luka can do. You know what the bench mob alley cats can do. And Kristaps Porzingis is turning into a fine defensive player as he continues to work out his offensive kinks. The facts are in, the Mavs are fun.

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I’ll see the seven of you back next week!