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Luka Doncic still won’t play in the All-Star Game

After a few days of speculation, Davis confirms he’s playing Sunday

2019 Mtn Dew ICE Rising Stars Photo by Streeter Lecka/Getty Images

The spillover from the Anthony Davis non-trade saga effects everyone, apparently. With Anthony Davis playing in Sunday’s All-Star game despite his most recent injury, Doncic will not receive a call to join the main event. Davis is almost certainly playing:

If you’re unfamiliar with the context, Anthony Davis left both the game and the arena Thursday night in the middle of a game versus the against the Oklahoma City Thunder. to get a MRI on his shoulder. It was later deemed a “contusion”.

While Davis made his decision, Doncic’s indicated to the media he’d be more than happy to play.

Of course, it’s not the end of the world for Maverick and Doncic fans. Luka played in the Rising Stars Challenge Friday night and will participate in the Skills Challenge Saturday night.

However, from this fan’s perspective it’s frustrating that Davis’ charade is taking over so much of the All-Star weekend. His agent made a piss-poor power play for a trade that was quickly and publicly shut down before the trade deadline. He’s now on a semi-apology tour after getting painted as the bad guy in a weird situation. That he’s missing games and leaving arenas without telling his coach because of a bruise pushes this over the edge.

Davis shouldn’t play. Doncic should. He had nearly a million and a half more fan votes than Davis, finished 6th in the media vote and 8th in the player vote for forwards. And if not Luka, then someone else not named Anthony Davis.

All Star games don’t matter. Not really. While they are part of the discussion surrounding Hall of Fame worthiness, that’s not something I’m worried about right now. I’d like to watch one of my favorite players get a chance to run with the league’s best. It will happen eventually, of course. Maybe as soon as next year. But this silly AD situation blocks out the sun and he shouldn’t be playing. Luka is just another casualty.