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GAME THREAD: Watch Dirk Nowitzki compete in (probably) his final All-Star game

He’ll always be the all-star of our hearts, though.

NBA: All-Star Saturday Night Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

WHO: Dirk Nowitzki and Team Giannis

WHAT: Dirk can take LeBron and Wade one more time, right?

WHERE: Spectrum Center, Charlotte, NC

WHEN: 7:00 p.m. CT


THE STORY: Dirk Nowitzki will “compete” tonight in his 14th and presumably final All-Star game, having been selected as a special roster addition along with his old nemesis, Dwayne Wade. Wade and Dirk will face off against each other, as Dirk suits up for Team Giannis with an international-flavored roster, and LeBron took every free agent this summer the other guys. As we all know, these games are typically very boring with no defense played until maybe the very end of the game, so I’ll just be watching for any fun Dirk moments as we all bask in the twilight of the GOAT’s career.

Go Dirk. Dirk Forever.

(Please watch this video, if you haven’t seen it. You won’t regret it.)