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Team Giannis falls to Team LeBron 178-164; Dirk Nowitzki shines in probable final All-Star appearance

Dirk Forever.

NBA: All Star Game Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

It all started with this.

If you didn’t have all the feels after watching that, you were about to have them.

Dirk Nowitzki and Dwayne Wade checked into the game at the same time, towards the end of the first quarter. Then, this happened.

Then it happened again...

And again.

And the rookie loved it:

The rook and Dirk even had a special message for the crowd:

God, they are adorbs.

Dirk would play only four minutes, all in the first half. It was all he needed for a memorable night, finishing 3/3 for nine points. Vintage. Everything.

Nowitzki hasn’t officially announced if he’s retiring, and just this weekend said he’ll see how he feels and if he’s still having fun at the end of the season — his standard line for the past few seasons. If this is indeed the end, he will have gone out having fun, and playing loose, and making everyone cheer for him. If it’s not the end, well...we’ll just be that much more lucky to see him play a little longer.

Dirk Forever.