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The Mavericks talk about Harrison Barnes after a win over the Hornets

Mavericks players react to Harrison Barnes being traded in the middle of the game

NBA: Charlotte Hornets at Dallas Mavericks Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Rick Carlisle:

“I’ve got a short statement. Everyone’s aware there’s been a trade in the works involving Harrison [Barnes]. I got word of it during the game so that’s why he didn’t play down the stretch.

“I had a chance to speak to him before everybody got in the locker room and thanked him for over two and a half great years of being a model pro and being one of the most improved players in the game.

“I’m going to miss him an awful lot. We’re going to miss him an awful lot, but I believe he’s going to have a great situation where he’s going and we’ll just go forward from here. Things are going to look different on the court. We’re obviously much smaller but I believe we have a good group and I believe we can make some noise.”

How did Harrison Barnes find out he was traded?

“He was informed by somebody else but I caught him before anybody else and I wanted to speak to him directly. He and I spent a lot of time together, especially the first two years as he was developing his game.

“He’s a special guy. He’s about all the right things on the basketball court and in the community. He’s an example of what you want your kids to be. He’ll do great in his next destination and I’m proud of all the growth he experienced here.”

How do you deal with all the chaos of this trade deadline season with so many guys being dealt?

“This week is madness but that’s part of the real compelling aspect of our league. We all understand that it’s a dynamic business and you deal with things as they happen. A change like this another door opens for him and certain opportunities will open for us.

“We’ve got to do well with that. The trade deadline goes through tomorrow afternoon so hang on to your you know what.”

Dirk Nowitzki

When did you find out Barnes was traded?

“It was in the fourth still and I figured it was about time for Harrison to sub in for me now and it was eight minutes to go and he’s not coming back. He’s still on the bench so that’s when I found out.

“Obviously I’m disappointed for my guy. Everybody knows how close we were. He’s been a great influence on this team and also on the community. The stuff he did really made a difference and we’re going to miss him.

“When he got here he was 24-25 and I had never seen a 25-year-old have his stuff together like he did on and off the floor. He set a great example for the franchise for the couple years he was here. I told him I wish him nothing but the best and I hope we stay in touch.”

What does it say about his character that he stayed on the bench even after he knew he was traded?

“He’s a better man than me for sure. Everybody else would have bounced. He’s just a genuinely good dude. He’s obviously got bonds with some of these players for life and that’s just the kind of guy he is.”

How did Barnes take the news?

“I’m not sure. I guess he already knew during the game so by the time we said our goodbyes he was ok. He was poised. That’s a part of the business.”

Maxi Kleber

When did you find out Barnes got traded?

“After the game. I didn’t know during the game.”

Were you confused when he didn’t play down the stretch?

“I was wondering why he didn’t play. I went on the court and as soon as the ball is in you don’t think about anything [else]. Plus we had a good run so we didn’t know.”

How do you feel like you and Porzingis would fit together if that’s the case next season?

“He’s a great shot blocker, you know [he’s] tall, super tall. He can create shots, making good shots. Sometimes he can spread the floor, sometimes I can spread the floor. I think it makes it easier for the guards with him and Luka it’s tough on the defense. They won’t know how to guard it so I’m really looking forward to it.”

What does it do for your offense when you have five legitimate shooters on the court at the same time?

“It makes it a little more unpredictable. Sometimes I can pop and sometimes HB, well not anymore. We can create different situations where it’s tough for defenses to rotate. As a defense you can never slow down so as a defense that makes it really tough on them.”