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Luka Doncic likes steak, and more highlights from his Reddit AMA

Reddit users ask the most interesting questions.

NBA: Charlotte Hornets at Dallas Mavericks Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

On Thursday afternoon after the trade deadline Luka Doncic sat down at a computer and hopped on Reddit to answer questions from fans in an AMA. (For the uninitiated, an AMA is a Q&A on the website Reddit where users can “Ask Me Anything” for interesting or famous individuals.)

Doncic answered questions for about 30 minutes on anything from his time in Spain, weird fan interactions, and trash talking. Here is the full transcript if you want more of it, but some highlights:

Q: Hey Luka! What’s the weirdest fan interaction you have had since arriving in the United States.

A: *Laughs* I was in an Uber, and there was someone running behind the uber. I stopped and signed something for him. Note: Apparently he always does that!

The Uber driver and the fan who ran after him were in the AMA and said hello.

Q: Hey Luka! In your travels with the NBA, what has been your favorite city to visit? (Besides Dallas, of course)

A: Ummm, New York. They are going to say I’m going to New York now. *laughs*

Q: Hey Luka! How does trash talk differ from ball in Europe and ball in the NBA? I’ve always wondered if we’re better or worse at trash talk than other places?

A: *Laughs* yes, way more of it here

Q: Luka, like Giannis and smoothies, is there anything you’ve tried for the first time in America that you’ve fallen in love with?

A: ah, no nothing like that, but I do like the steak.

Q: As one of the most (if not the most) dominant rookies in the NBA, I’m curious to hear which players have given you the most trouble in the league. Who is the player that makes you go “ah, not this guy again” when you have to defend them and vice versa?

A: Kemba Walker yesterday gave me trouble, he’s very fast

Q: What is your first impression of Dallas as a city? Where are your favorite restaurants?

A: I love Dallas! Nick and Sam’s.

Q: Random question here but what’s your go-to meal before the game or just in general?

A: Chicken and pasta, Or just pasta. With Bolognese

Q: What was your first “Wow, I’m actually playing in the NBA” moment?

A: Playing against Lebron. For sure

Q: Hey Luka, what was your first reaction to Porzingis’ trade?

A: I was shocked. I’m not used to this in Europe, so yea shock

Q: Do you play as yourself in 2k? I always school my friends with you in it

A: Um, No, I don’t play 2K actually

Q: Luka, have you met Jennifer Aniston yet?

A: *Smiles and shakes his head*

Q: How often do you watch DragonBall Z?

A: *Laughs* I don’t! It was one time!

Q: Hi Luka: Favorite fast food??

A: Oooh, Uf, I’d say In N Out

Q: Hey Luka, you have any good Shark Tank ideas to sell to Cuban?

A: No, I don’t. *smiles*