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3 things to watch as the Dallas Mavericks head to Denver

A road victory? In this economy?

Dallas Mavericks v Denver Nuggets Photo by Matthew Stockman/Getty Images

The Dallas Mavericks play their second straight national TV game on TNT, despite being the sixth worst team in the NBA. This time they face off against the Denver Nuggets who are just one game back from the conference leading Denver Nuggets.

Dallas is win-less through six games in March and Denver isn’t much better at 2-4. Yet the Nuggets are a monstrous 28-6 at home whereas the Mavericks are a putrid 6-27 on the road this season.

Here are some things to consider before and during the game:

Nikola Jokic will punish the Dallas Mavericks

In two contests this seasons, Jokic’s put up 25.5 points, 14.5 boards, and 6 assists per game. Most teams in the NBA have trouble guarding Jokic but the Mavericks have no one who can even bother him. Jokic’s engagement will dictate if the Mavericks have much of a chance. The Nuggets are capable of being overwhelmingly good if they can get out of their own way.

Is Doncic going to hobble through another game?

I’m in the camp of those who was excited to see Doncic suit up and play against the San Antonio Spurs. Yet, he looked off from the get go and his knee clearly affected his shooting. At a certain point the Mavericks need to protect Doncic from himself and if his knee is that bothersome, everyone would be best off if he didn’t play.

Keep an eye out for Isaiah Thomas

The former MVP candidate has had a tough road since his playoff run with the Celtics. Though he sat against the Timberwolves on Tuesday evening, IT’s had an up and down nine games since his return. If he plays, he could provide the Mavericks a spark, since he can’t seem to help himself in terms of either taking over the game on offense (and taking over poorly) or being functionally useless on the court.

How to Watch

Tip off is set for 9:30 pm CT, and can be watched on TNT.