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Mavericks NBA Draft Prospects to watch Sunday in the NCAA Tournament

We’re wrapping up the weekend with a few more prospects to keep your eyes on for this summer’s NBA Draft

NCAA Basketball: Big 12 Conference Tournament-Texas Tech vs. West Virginia Amy Kontras-USA TODAY Sports

We’ve made it to the final day of one of the best annual weekends in sports. Less than a week ago there were 68 teams with their season still alive, and by the end of today we’ll be down to 16. A bloodbath only rivaled by Game of Thrones.

Over the last four days we’ve been giving you first and second round prospects, players that the Mavericks should be looking at when their time comes to make a pick in this summer’s NBA Draft. For anyone somehow just tuning in, at this point Dallas will have an early second round pick — with the possibility of keeping their top five protected lottery pick if the basketball gods shine on them.

But there’s always a chance on draft night that the Mavericks trade their way into another pick. So for now we’ll take a broad look at a variety of players still making a run in this year’s tournament. Here is who we’re watching on Sunday:

Admiral Schofield (Tennessee)

vs Iowa - 11:10 CT, CBS

With a top five name in college sports, Admiral Schofield is an interesting early second round option for teams this summer. With a strong 6’6 240 pound frame, he has NBA size and could probably play both forward positions. And his shot should translate too after hitting over 39 percent from three over the last three seasons (he’s 38 percent from NBA range this year). Schofield isn’t very quick and lacks some athleticism, and that will work against him at the next level, particularly on defense. The senior wing went through the draft process last spring, so he still has something to prove to scouts this tournament, and this spring.

Coby White (North Carolina)

vs Washington - 1:40 CT, CBS

Coby White is a playmaker. Once he gets going he’s hard to shut down. He’s easily the most dynamic player on this talented Tarheels squad. He’s a little light, listed at 190 pounds, for his 6’5 frame, but he could put on some muscle without losing his quickness. White has a smooth feel for the game, with an ability to score on every level. Questions may come up as to what his true position is, as he’s not really a standard point guard and thrives as a catch-and-shoot option. But White will be able to use this to his advantage at the next level, and could be a great secondary playmaker. Projections showing him being drafted in a wide range, but it’s likely you’ll need to be in the lottery if you want to draft White.

Tacko Fall (Central Florida) vs Zion Williamson (Duke)

UCF vs Duke - 4:15 CT, CBS

Tacko Fall, the 7’6 310 pound center for Central Florida, has come out to say Zion Williamson will not put him on a how could we not highlight this matchup? Tacko Fall is huge and has shown ability to block shots, but it’s unlikely his defensive prowess translates to the next level. Because of the athleticism he’d meet in the NBA, and that he wouldn’t be able to camp out in the lane, Fall will need to improve his technique and rebounding fundamentals to have any shot in the league. Zion, well...we know about Zion. This should be fun.

Jarrett Culver (Texas Tech)

vs Buffalo - 5:10 CT, TNT

He should be number two on your personal draft board, plain and simple. The 6’5 190 pound shooting guard from Texas Tech is dynamic, and continues to show an ability to expand his game. Culver often looks bigger than his listed size, with a muscular NBA frame, and a reported 6’9 wingspan. The sophomore has become the soul of this Tech squad, as the scorer distributor and on-ball defender that every NBA team wants in a young wing. Culver crashes the boards hard, has solid vision and could probably eventually play three positions at the next level. Questions about his shot are valid (career 36 percent three point shooter, 68 percent from the free throw line at Tech). But in an inconsistent draft class, and the value of this kind of wing in the league right now, it would be a crime if Culver isn’t taken top five.