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The adulation for Dirk Nowitzki spans far and wide

It’s a love story, and we’re all about it.

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Dallas Mavericks v San Antonio Spurs Photo by Ronald Cortes/Getty Images

In case you missed it, Dirk retired.

And while we here at Mavs Moneyball were writing poetic tributes and sad recaps and pouring our hearts out, the rest of the internet was....doing the same? It’s strange, in a way, because Dirk has more than any other superstar felt so much like only ours. He got called soft. He didn’t get the same respect because he was European. No one quite understood his quiet greatness.

But apparently, they did. What follows is a long selection of reading from various corners of the internet, so you can appreciate the greatness of one Dirk Nowitzki just a little longer.

In no particular order...

Tom Fox, “Photo essay: Tributes to Dirk Nowitzki loom large in Dallas”

Dallas Morning News staff photographer Tom Fox takes a tour of Dallas, highlighting all the various tributes to Dirk — from the mural in Deep Ellum to fan tattoos to the game scene to the lights of Downtown Dallas on the evening of Dirk’s final home game.

Brad Townsend, “‘An amazing journey’: Steve Nash, Michael Finley and others reflect on Dirk’s path to what may be his home finale”

Dallas Morning News beat writer Brad Townsend talks with some of Dirk’s closest colleagues about his amazing NBA journey over the years.

James Herbert, “The Dirk Nowitzki Stories: An Oral History of the Dallas Mavericks Legend”

CBS Sports writer James Herbert talks with Donnie Nelson, Mark Cuban, Mavericks staff, current and former teammates, and longtime opponents about the best moments of Dirk’s career in an amazing collection of quotes painting our hero as both a respected player of the highest order and a pretty fun guy.

Bill Simmons, Podcast: “Remembering Dirk Nowitzki’s Incredible Career with Marc Stein”

The Ringer’s Bill Simmons calls up longtime Dallas writer and now national writer Marc Stein to reminisce about The Big German’s career.

Jonathan Tjarks, “Dirk Nowitzki, a Texan—Now and Forever”

MMB alum and NBA writer at The Ringer, Jonathan Tjarks talks about the complicated relationship Dallas has with Texas, and why Dirk — a German transplant — has always been perfectly fit to stay in a city of largely multicultural transplants.

Bobby Karalla, “One night at a Mavs game reminds us why we do this, and who it’s for” writer and friend of the site Bobby Karalla tells some stories around Dirk’s last few games, and gets us dusty in here realizing what Dirk’s game is all about and why he makes us better people.

Tim Cato, “It’s like a little piece of your childhood is gone.” Dirk Nowitzki’s retirement, and why we will be OK” (subscription only)

For The Athletic, our esteemed former editor-in-chief Tim Cato tells some stories from Dirk’s final home game, and how Dirk’s surprise retirement announcement was ultimately the perfect way for him to go out.

Marc Stein, “With a Flurry of Shots, Dirk Nowitzki Wraps Up His Time in Dallas”

The New York Times’ Marc Stein, who has covered Dirk for the duration, describes the emotional scene around American Airlines Center the night of Dirk’s last home game.

Doyle Rader, “Thank You, Dirk”

MMB’s own Doyle Rader abandons his well paid gig working with us to moonlight for D Magazine. He describes Dirk’s unique superstardom, how he never sought the spotlight (even in this, his probable last season) and even to the end made everything about others.

Patrick Redford, “Dirk Nowitzki’s Championship Stands Alone”

Deadspin’s Patrick Redford reflects back on the Mavericks’ 2011 championship run, which stands as unique among championships because Dirk did it as the only superstar, and with a little help from some friends.

Mike Piellucci, “Farewell to Dirk Nowitzki, who Loved Dallas Back”

Fansided’s Mike Piellucci explores Dallas’ complicated composition as a city, and why Dirk chose to stay. He also touches on his own relationship with the NBA growing up with Dirk, and the passing of the torch to Luka Doncic.

Tim Cato, “Dirk Nowitzki played his last basketball game, and we’re all better for it” (subscription)

Once more with feeling: The Athletic’s Tim Cato describes the little moments from Dirk’s final game ever, and the best sendoff Nowitzki could leave his fans and teammates with.

Jonny Auping, “The Big Texas Sendoff for Dirk Nowitzki”

For Texas Monthly, friend of the site Jonny Auping does his usual eloquent job of describing the scene around Dirk’s last games, capturing the frenetic mood of the adoring fans in Dallas and the admirable respect of the fans in San Antonio.