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The Mavs Moneyball Podcast, Episode 22: Discussing the Kristaps Porzingis story with TJ Macias

The podcast emerges in a post-Dirk world to talk about the Porzingis story with’s Macias.

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NBA: Memphis Grizzlies at Dallas Mavericks Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

We’re back! Sorry for the extended break between podcast episodes, but we all needed time to mourn Dirk. It happens. Listen at the embedded player above!

A special episode in our return, as’s TJ Macias joins the podcast for the first time, as we talk about her piece a few weeks ago about the Porzingis story. It’s very good and you should read it.

After talking through her piece and our thoughts on the story as a whole, we talk about Macias’ beloved Kings and how their rebuild relates to the Mavericks. The Mavericks desperately want to push through to the playoffs and the upstart Kings are going to be a young team that’s a thorn in their side to accomplish that goal. The Kings aren’t really going anywhere, so we talk about what we like about their rebuild and how we hope for a rekindling of the rivalry from the early 2000s.

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